Help Employees Survive a Financial Shock

A timely, reassuring and highly practical short course for all employees

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Surviving a Financial Shock Short Course For Your Organisation

We’ve developed the Covid-19 Surviving a Financial Shock Short Course, and this is what it entails:

  • A timely, reassuring and highly practical short course (30-45 mins) designed to help everyone manage their money through a financial shock.
  • Using practical examples, case studies, expert-led videos and downloadable tools, this course will reduce financial anxiety by giving learners a plan they can begin implementing today.
  • Hosted on Worth’s LMS which enables students to work through content at their own pace & time.

The Results You Can Expect:

For your Organisation:
  1. Increase productivity and improve staff morale
  2. Decrease in staff turnover = reduced recruitment and training costs
  3. Valuable deployment of BB-BEE funds
For your employees:
  1. Confidence and skill to navigate any financial shock
  2. The ability to do an assessment of their baseline position
  3. How to effect a short-term contingency plan utilising a variety of tools including a downloadable emergency budget
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The COVID-19 Pandemic’s  Financial Impact on  South African Consumers

Are you concerned about your ability to pay your current bills and loans?

The Negative Effects on Consumers

84% of South African consumers have been negatively affected by COVID-19.

Are you losing productivity and staff morale because your employees are financially distressed?

Worth is South Africa’s leading provider of financial education to corporates.

  • We provide you with a proactive and aspirational staff benefit.
  • We do NOT sell financial service products to your staff.
  • We do all the heavy lifting whilst also delivering an internal branding opportunity that builds employee loyalty.

Book an obligation free call with our Head of Business Development and find out how our financial education solution can transform your workforce.

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